Brands are bolder in their creative campaigns today, says Nancy Ruscheinski, Global Chief Operating Officer, Zeno

The Zeno Group is leveraging its mid sized consultancy status, positioning  to target clients and offer integrated services. Last year, Zeno which is close to a 100 million US dollar company, acquired UK firm 3 Monkeys.

However, on a recent visit to India, the group’s first global COO, said that they are targeting organic growth for its’ India office, ruling out growth via acquisition for now for India. Zeno India, under MD Papri Dev Sharma, is one of Zeno’s best growing markets in Asia which also includes growing PR markets such as Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Vietnam and Singapore.

In order to meet the new demands of PR, Ruscheinski said that “ We need to be on top of our skills and bring in people from different areas.

Flagging of some of the areas which would continue to be in focus for PR, Ruscheinski pointed towards visual and video storytelling (a trend that started two years ago), using data to tell stories, the rise of new ways of storytelling which include the rise of YouTube and Snapchat stars.

Sharing the example of creating PR by 3 Monkeys Zeno in UK, Ruscheinski said that the firm demonstrated the capabilities of the YOGA Tablet 3 Pro’s projector, by creating London’s first pop-up ‘Projector Tattoo Studio’ giving people the chance to ‘try-on’ a series of  projected tattoos based on the best and most daring tattoo trends.

Ruscheinski also said that it is interesting that while earlier PR was used to amplify advertising, now there is paid amplification of stories. Which means advertising or earned media is used to promote PR story.

She added that the the importance of customer experience win story telling is here to stay. This makes it even more important who is telling the story to the customer today.

Ruscheinski also said that brands are becoming bolder in their campaign ideas, pointing out that , “ Brands are experimenting more now.”

While stopping short of saying whether that means that consultancies are not keeping pace with the vision of brand managers at companies, Ruscheinski said , “ Most people are not looking for order takers.”

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