Burger King launches #MemePremierLeague to celebrate the T20 season

The cricket season has begun and Burger King India is celebrating this by launching a unique campaign #MemePremierLeague. 

The campaign is aimed at meme lovers and cricket enthusiasts to unleash their love for cricket beyond the field and screens and bring it alive on social media throughout the T20 league.

Speaking about the campaign, Kapil Grover, chief marketing officer at Burger King India, said, “Memes is the new viral language used by Gen Z & Millennials. It’s fun and humorous way of sharing your POV, something that brand Burger King stands for. Memes are funny, entertaining, easy to consume and has a potential to go viral and reach audiences across varied demography. Let the Memes begin!”

As a part of #MemePremierLeague, Burger King India will be posting a 'grill worthy meme' moment from each match, every day on their Instagram stories. Each meme will also contain an offer for the day which can be redeemed on the Burger King App or at their restaurants. .

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