Bzinga renews contract with Blue Buzz for marketing and communication

Blue Buzz has been retained as the marketing and communications partner for Bzinga, an online bid and buy app that rewards the lowest unique bid, for the second consecutive year.

Commenting on the renewed partnership, Piyush Rajgarhia, business head at Bzinga said, “With our strong leadership objective in the reverse auction market, it is imperative that we also stay true to our communication strategy. 

In the first year of our association, Blue Buzz delivered fabulous results in bridging the gap between the platform and our target consumers with their innovative strategies. So we’re delighted to continue our partnership with Blue Buzz.”

Neha K Bisht, founding partner, Blue Buzz added, “While earlier we would employ a combination of ATL-BTL activities and print media, we are now creating communication that reaches our audience directly on their phones and laptops through digital mediums. We’ve done live-streaming for events, conducted intensive engagement activities and upped the social media game, thereby bridging the gap between clients and audiences.”

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