Churn at Integral PR, Sujay Mehdudia quits, firm’s marquee client Deloitte opens RFP

Top management has quit Integral PR with Sujay Mehdudia stepping down from his post as CEO in less than a year of taking over the job. 

Mehdudia told PRmoment India that, " I enjoyed my short stint at Integral particularly the journey with Sharif who was earlier the chairman. I am considering options at this point and am surely not going away from the PR industry." Mehdudia is expected to join one of the leading PR consultancies in the country starting next week. 

Market sources also said that Integral PR may lose one of it's biggest client's Deloitte, the latter, it is believed has already called for RFPs from PR consultancies.

Integral PR's former Chairman and CEO, had also put in his papers on the 3rd of January, 2017,  at the firm he spent over a decade as CEO. Rangnekar was one of the longest running non promoter CEOs at a PR firm in India.

Bina Berry has returned to Integral to lead the company as director and chairperson. 

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