Clea Public Relations bags mandate for Loyakk, blockchain major’s Asia push

Loyakk Inc, a provider of Blockchain-enabled business relationship management platform has hired Clea PR for its PR mandate in India. Loyakk Ltd is planning an ICO in the first quarter of 2018 where it would be offering almost a quarter of a billion tokens for crypto coin purchasers around the world who are looking at blockchain beyond generic crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

As part of its Loyakk mandate, Clea PR will define the communication strategy for the ICO; boost direct marketing efforts by networking with HNIs; direct the digital marketing effort for the Asian region; and lead the EIP (Educate, Inform and Persuade) effort through media relations.

Sadiq Quasim - director, Loyakk, Ltd said: “After a global search, we are impressed with the expertise and knowledge that Clea Public Relations led by its management team of Vinod G Nair and Toral Sanghavi have garnered on blockchain technology and ICOs. Clea’s mandate for PR covers the entire Asia Pacific and European markets”.

Leading companies like Abbott Labs, Novartis, Infosys, Mphasis. use Loyakk’s platform to manage relationships with their customers and partners in a secure, personalised and agile manner.

With the blockchain technology moving from hype to reality, Public Relations will pay a critical role in tutoring various publics in understanding of ‘what is an ICO’; ‘difference between bitcoin and other crypto currencies’; ‘ICO coin’; ‘blockchain wallet’, and other such commonly used terms. Apart from generating basic awareness, Clea’s strategy aims at multiplying the ‘blockchain explained’ consumer quantum”, says Vinod G. Nair, managing director, Clea Public Relations.


Clea PR has also launched its ICO Consultancy vertical and is in the process of signing on a few more clients. Recently, Clea has moved its focus away from traditional PR towards PR 3.0 involving high impact and high ROI based PR strategy.

“India has a very fast growing audience of crypto-savvy audience interested in the blockchain phenomenon”,  says Salim Ali, Founder & CEO of Loyakk, Inc. “The potential of blockchain and its latest avatar - enterprise blockchain – to disrupt Enterprise Applications is tremendous.“

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