Concept BIU acquires the business of Bluebytes, will onboard 120 plus clients

Concept Business Intelligence Unit (Concept BIU), one of India’s leading media monitoring agencies, has acquired the business of Comniscient Group’s Bluebytes News. Concept BIU is part of Concept Group, an independent communications agency offering advertising, digital and PR services. This move takes place after Concept BIU acquired media monitoring agency Indian Press CLippings in July this year.

With the latest acquisition of the business of Blue Bytes and the onboarding of its 120 plus clients, the total client’s tally of Concept BIU has reached close to 550 clients. 

Bluebytes has PR clients for their media monitoring and analysis for nearly thirteen years and this consolidation with Bluebytes will make Concept BIU one of the largest and most comprehensive Media monitoring & analytics service provider in India.

Ankoor Choudharri, the CEO, Concept BIU, said, “We are proud to acquire the business of Bluebytes and we are happy to welcome their 120 plus clients onboard. The new clients will have access to Concept BIU’s service experience which offers an array of analytic tools, consultative client relations; mobile application based services and more allied services offered by us.”

Speaking on the aggressive growth, he further added “it’s been a terrific year for Concept BIU; this is the second business acquisition in this fiscal year. Along with a tremendous organic growth that Concept BIU is witnessing we remain eager to explore opportunities to acquire or partner with growing businesses that strengthens our market presence and also helps us in improving our range of services”.

N. Chandramouli, CEO, Bluebytes News commenting on the acquisition, said, “It was a strategic initiative for our group, Bluebytes business will be acquired by Concept BIU, a competition we came to admire over time for their large and satisfied clients. While the parting of Bluebytes from our group is an emotional one considering we birthed and raised it, we are happy that the clients are in safe hands with Concept BIU. That said, the next decade for the Comniscient Group looks exciting due to growth in public relations and in brand analytics through our companies, Blue Lotus Communications and TRA Research.”

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