Consumer marketing approach required for employee communications says SHL's Sushant Dwivedy: PRmoment-Hill+Knowlton Strategies Friday Zone

On the latest PRmoment-Hill+Knowlton Friday Zone series, we discuss how the 'Great Resignation' has affected India.

Dealing with ‘The Great Resignation’

US labour data shows an unprecedented rise in resignations. Experts say this is part of a generational shift in how employees view work and life. From networth, the current generation is more focused on ‘net freedom’- How should the C-suite respond to this challenge?

Skilling Challenge for Employees 

One of the biggest issues is the rapid upskilling needed for employees as digital moves to become the foundation of most jobs post Covid.

Sushant Dwivedy, MD India and Philippines for SHL says, "There are a lot of roles, which today have become very, very superficial. You know, and you also have a lot of new roles being created that need a new set of skills."

Employee engagement and instant gratification

Another challenge is maintaining engagement during an age of instant gratification.  This Dwivedy believes requires a consumer marketing approach.

Dwivedy,says, "I'm into a cycle of instant gratification. If I want to buy something, it should be coming to me either instantly, or delivery in 15 to 30 minutes. So this change which is going on, where everything is starting to become more and more available 24/7.

How do you go ahead and enable it for organisations when you are going and engaging with candidates, when you're going in engaging with employees. So in your real world, when you want to buy something, you can buy 24X7, it's not that the store opens at 10 o'clock, I'll get it at 10 o'clock. So today, leveraging digital, you can be available to your employees by leveraging synchronous communication and ensuring that you're able to give them the comfort that you're there with them all the time.

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