Creative and communication professionals launch ‘Creative Collective of India'

Creative and communication professionals have come together to launch the Creative Collective of India (CCI), a crowd-sourced platform CCI, for people to share authentic creatives from across India about COVID-19. 

The submissions will be evaluated via an unbiased process and those selected will be featured on the CCI website and social media channels and will also be made available to media organizations across print, television, radio, digital and out of home. 

These creative submissions will also be made available to government agencies and sent to organizations who have committed CSR budgets for amplification among channels they deem fit.

This CCI is a voluntary national collective effort comprising over 150 public-spirited individuals and key industry bodies like The Advertising Club, Bombay (TAC), The Advertising Club Bangalore, The Events & Entertainment Marketing Association of India (EEMA), The Rural Marketing Association of India (RMAI), The Indian Outdoor Advertising Association (IOAA), The Association of Designers of India (ADI) and the Public Relations Consultants Association of India (PRCAI) to name a few.

The community-run platform offers an exclusive chance to the citizens of India, in any corner of the country to drive positive behavioural change in communities. 

Anthony Lopez, CEO of Lopez Design and one of the initiators of the collective said: “Given India’s vast diversity across society, culture and geography, clearly one size does not fit all. We need empathetic and persuasive communication that’s based on a community's traditions, to connect and spread the message effectively. The CCI hopes to fill this need.”

The CCI hopes to reach out to everyone to contribute their creative might towards the fight against COVID 19 challenge, set up by the CCI. The movement will continue to inspire behaviour change across India till the pandemic eventually comes to an end.

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