Deadline extended for #GodrejPRmomentAdfactors3030 to 20th January 2021

Due to the heavy rush of registrations, we have extended the #GodrejPRmomentAdfactors3030 entry, from 15th to 20th January 2021

Through the #GodrejPRmomentAdfactorsPR3030 initiative, we honour exceptional PR professionals who are future leaders for the PR business in India.

We do not charge any entry fee to enable wide participation of deserving candidates.

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Entry Form Q and A

- The PR for PR post COVID campaign idea is a key section that can lead to a winning entry. Video, infographics a bonus but not compulsory

-Consider post-COVID PR themes such as purpose, digital, integrated marketing, owned media for your PR for PR idea

- Do highlight your digital skills. In case you haven't worked on any digital or data-led campaign, outline your plans to pick up these skills in 2021

- You have the option of uploading all supporting docs and images in a google drive or one drive and sharing the link in the form where relevant. Please ensure settings are accessible for the jury.

- Use Annexure 2 to highlight any hobbies, writing work you have done in a personal capacity

Winners' box

The winners will be profiled on PRmoment and will receive an e-certificate to share on social media. You can be working either at a PR consultancy or inhouse in a PR team and in any areas under PR, digital communication and corporate communications.

There is no entry fee

There will be an increased calender of interaction between 3030 partners, the alumni and current winners that will make the platform a place of learning, support and inspiration.

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