Design trends for PR presentations in 2018

Each year, as soon as new innovations and styles surface on the internet, old designs are quickly revamped and modernised. The world of designing, too, experiences new modifications over time. Analysing the improvements in content formats, aesthetic styling and creative tools that constitute the presentation design, here are a few predictions of what could trend in 2018. Read on for a detailed brief or watch the video here:



Moody tones
With their classic vibes of the 80s and the 90s, moody tones will make a comeback in the presentation designs. Already a cult in the social media, the colours of the moody tones will also be incorporated in UI design trends and could witness quite some popularity amongst this year’s trends in designing.  

Ultra-violet and galaxy vibes
Next in line are the space-related aesthetics that will be impacting significantly the design trends of presentations. As we move towards a more technologically-advanced society, tones related to ultra-violet colours of galaxy will influence the graphics of all several industries.

Coloured fonts
A growing fad - coloured and highlighted fonts will replace the traditional monotonous fonts, once and for all. The introduction of patterned and textured fonts will be on the top shelf in designing this year and will also be popular in presentation designing.

Gradients (and we’re also calling them colour transitions)
Owing to the terrific aesthetic appeal of colour transitions, Gradients have always been amongst the top choices of presentation stylists. As 2017 was all about solid colours, 2018 will be dominated largely by attractive and smooth gradients in presentation designs.

Bold typography
An increasingly trending design this year will be the bold typography in designs. Fonts that are bold and bright capture high eyeballs and make a statement. While Helvetica and Sans Serif have always dominated the fonts of the digital world, we’ll definitely get to see more varieties this year.

Abha Pandey looks after presentation designs, at EXPD – the digital and content from Avian WE

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