Edelman announces the launch of Edelman Edge

Edelman has announced the launch of Edelman Edge, a global campaigning methodology designed to provide a comprehensive, objective analysis of the communications environment.

Using a proprietary market research model, Edelman Edge helps companies and governments to understand and better leverage the key drivers that shape issue-centric campaigning based on a consistent analysis of the structural and environmental factors as well as the latest social science.

Stephanie Lvovich, global chair of public affairs at Edelman, said“Public affairs and issue campaigning are in the middle of an important revolution, and at Edelman we are seeking to lead innovation in global issue campaigning.  As a discipline, public affairs was built on local expertise and knowledge, and these continue to be important factors in success today.  However, as clients’ global footprints have expanded, they often don’t have the expertise or communications staff on the ground where they operate.  Today, issues spread across borders so quickly creating an additional need for a framework through which to manage the same issue across multiple geographies”.

The Edelman Edge model analyses 25 political, economic, social and cultural drivers that determine the campaigning and stakeholder engagement environments in a market.  It provides a digestible roadmap for senior public affairs practitioners who need to understand the diverse, multi-market/multi-regional landscape that they manage.

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