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ET prints PRCAI response to its anti-PR Op-Ed, via letter to the editor

PRCAI rejoinder in Et, dated 25th Oct 2023

Almost two weeks after an edit page piece for the Just in Jest section titled, 'Journo Confession-Mine PR Kiya'  dated Oct 12th in India's leading pink paper, The Economic Times, made the rounds of social media, sparking an unprecedented and united reaction against the piece from India's PR industry; ET has printed PRCAI's point of view under its Chat Room section. 

The letter, penned on behalf of PRCAI by its president, Atul Sharma says in the letter titled, "Dekho Magar PR Se", that, " While we respect diverse viewpoints and the use of satire as a form of expression, the column appears to have a bias towards the PR industry. The humour is not lost on us. But the uncalled-for reference to 'garlic garlands and crucifix', have created mighty 'indi-jest-ion' with the PR fraternity."

Sharma goes on to say, " The last few years have been tough on everybody, especially the media, which has swiftly reinvented itself, and we have seen a meteoric rise of paid, owned and shared media platforms. So, we empathise when you say that this race for media coverage is turning out to be torturous for everyone. We realise that journos have a job, tough deadlines to meet, bylines to secure expectations to match."

Sharma also lists PR pain points saying, "Last-minute bailing out on global CEO interviews, for instance, isn't cool, especially after confirming a month in advance."

On a positive note, Sharma concludes by saying, " We must do better, together. And perhaps be kinder to each other along the way."

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