'FLIP' recommends 5 effective ways to use social media

Social media is a pivotal platform that helps us access and provides information, and also communicate to a broader audience. While it’s easy to start a Facebook account and begin posting, it also matters how effective the content is. Want to reap the maximum benefits of social media?

'FLIP', a knowledge platform for sharing views and news about communication, has the following tips on how to build a loyal following, and respect their interests. 

Here are a few tips:

  1. Plan: Set clear goals and start preparing a bank of social media posts well in advance. Determine whether you want visibility, engagement, an interactive discussion platform or conversion of visibility to website visits and story shares. A defined objective will lead you on to an effective strategy.
  1. Keep your audience in mind: While the general viewing surge on Facebook is 8pm-12am, Baby Boomers prefer being online in the morning, while Millennials view content later at night. Understanding your audience is key, otherwise, all your good content will never reach the right people.
  1. Be social but relevant: The more posts you share, the higher your visibility, thus leading to a larger network. At the same time, flooding feeds with irrelevant content is a no-no. Strike the balance by being aware of the social climate, and understanding the causes and issues your audience is interested in. Then craft content accordingly.
  1. Stay dedicated: Social media is vast. Maintaining the consistency of your posts will ensure that your following or network is retained. The trust that comes with consistent quality and timing is what sustains a network.
  1. Experiment and evolve: Keep analysing and adapting your social media strategy as your audience grows and diversifies. Ultimately the content you create is for the awareness, interest and benefit of your audience. As the base grows and the sensibilities change, so should your content.


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