Flipkart hires Senjam Raj Shekhar for top PR role

Guwahati born, Senjam Raj Shekhar, now leads the PR function at Flipkart-arguably one of the top corporate PR jobs in the country today. India’s first major home grown e-commerce company, Flipkart enjoys a US$12.5 billion valuation after Helion Venture Partners and IDG Ventures India sold their stakes in the e-commerce firm last month. 

Shekhar joins at a time when the issue of ‘net neutrality’ has gained unprecendeted consumer interest and seen consumer action at a mass level- this public sentiment led to Flipkart pulling out of the controvertial Airtel’s Project Zero earlier this week.

Flipkart is also expected to go in for a fresh round of funding which would raise it valuation to US $15 billion.

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