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Bollywood Meets Changemaker: Anuj Sawhney & Manav Subodh Launch "The Big Small Talk" Podcast

Anuj Sawhney managing director - of Swiss Military Worldwide & former Bollywood actor, joins forces with his childhood best friend Manav Subodh, the founder of 1M1B (One Million for One Billion) a United Nations accredited organization, to introduce a new podcast: The Big Small Talk! 

This show promises to unravel the intricacies of daily life, shedding light on seemingly inconsequential moments that profoundly shape our collective experiences.

Hosted by Sawhney and Subodh, this podcast ventures into the heart of everyday nuances, often overlooked but carrying immense significance.

The Big Small Talk delves into varied "seemingly insignificant" situations encountered by everyone in their daily lives. From moments of humour to instances of confusion or frustration, these scenarios affect our well-being, often leaving us clueless about how to navigate them.

Upcoming Episode Preview:

Fake it…to Make it!: Join Anuj and Manav as they explore the dynamics of authenticity and success, sharing personal anecdotes and challenging perspectives on achieving goals and then flaunting the same to fulfil underlying insecurities all of us have within.

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