Free PR Training: How to get journalists to take up your brand stories has partnered with Devdarshan Chakrabortyy to provide three free modules that will give delegates: Top Tips for Getting Your Brand Stories Out into the Media

All three modules have now gone live and are available below:

Module One: Deciphering the brand attributes to make them story worthy

The module below includes:

- What clients want and the challenges PRO’s face meeting those needs

- Tips on how to overcome the challenges faced

- Can celebrities deliver the goods? Or, interesting and innovative promotions or BTL activations?

- How to crack the code

- Step-by-step – Getting to a campaign idea

- Including tips and using case studies

Brand Stories -1 from PRmoment on Vimeo.

Module Two: Using socio-culture cues to weave your campaign

The module below includes:

- Recap of the first module

- Solution 2: An alternative way of giving your brand the media boost

- Tools to do this i.e. Understanding your customers identity

- Guidelines on the ideation process

- Including tips and using case studies

Brand Stories -2 from PRmoment on Vimeo.

Module Three: Problem solving examples – case studies of how others have done it well

The module below includes:

- Case study 1: Lifebouy at the Maha Kumbh Mela

- Case study 2: Inniative for Intel featuring virtual lamps during Diwali

- Case study 3: What Vodafone did with Great PR mileage

- The power of Indian culture for brands

- Suggested reading

- Assignments and further instructions

Brand Stories-3 from PRmoment on Vimeo.

You will be given assignments to pick from and one of your choice should be completed and presented in order to receive the final certificate.

There will be a set of follow up Google Hangouts available for those who download the course material. This is to provide interactivity with the faculty and to give you feedback.

For those that want to take part in the follow up webinars - you will be required to submit a project that will be available to you after registration. On successful presentation of the project during the web conference, you will get a certificate of accomplishment.

Register here for the Google Hangouts.

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