Gen Z top priority post COVID is health, family, not career: Isobar-IPSOS study

 The latest Isobar-Ipsos #MeetTheZ Survey shows strong shifts in the priorities of Gen Z, during the pandemic.  Health and fitness, and family have moved up to emerge as top priorities. These categories have replaced pre COVID priorities of successful careers and making money.

“COVID19 has been unprecedented and disruptive. Long periods of lockdowns have put families in a huddle.  With the pandemic far from over GenZ is showing a renewed focus on health and fitness and family ties. Like a reawakening of what matters most,” says Vivek Gupta, managing director, Ipsos India.

Shift in Priorities of Gen Z - Pre-COVID19 and Now

The Isobar-Ipsos #MeetTheZ survey shows Generation Z has redefined its pecking order of priorities, after COVID-19 struck. The top priorities listed by them include – staying fit and healthy, spending quality time with family, having a successful career, traveling around the world/ country and making a lot of money.

And what was the scenario pre-COVID?

Pre-COVID19, the top aspirations in the pecking were - having a successful career, making a lot of money, staying fit and healthy, becoming famous and spending quality time with family.

Changing priorities

Impact of pandemic on Future Outlook of Gen Z

These are the top concerns of Gen Z post COVID-19.

55% fear losing a year because of delay in exams; 30% worry about the prospects of getting a well-paid job; 20% worry about prospects of getting a job in area of expertise; 18% were re-evaluating choice of higher education to have better career and job and 14% were fearful of certain geographical areas now and re-evaluating choice of colleges.

Top Lockdown activities of Generation Z

Top activities undertaken by Gen Z included: Skill development (73%), watching TV (56%), gaming (52%); social media (44%), viewing OTT (39%) and pursuing hobbies (30%).

Generation Z includes those born between 1995-2015. They are different from millennials.

Gopa Kumar, chief operating officer, Isobar India says, this formed the genesis of doing this survey: “We felt Gen Z was different and was being fraudulently being clubbed with millennials and we felt it was gross injustice to them. Marketers were not addressing this cohort rightly.”

Top traits that emerged about what the Gen Z are like in #MeetTheZ?  They are pragmatic, tech savvy, clear headed, confident, outgoing, value close bond with family – old heads on young shoulders – they embody a sense of maturity.

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