GJ Eco Power brings in ResPublica Consulting as Communication Partner

GJ Eco Power, an SPV powered by UK based GJ Nature Care & Energy, Biomass Ltd. and London Investments Consultancy Ltd. has hired ResPublica Consulting as Communication Partner to drive it’s ambitious growth plan across India.

Headed by an NRI entrepreneur Mr. Giby George, GJ Eco Power will target the Indian Waste to Energy segment with projected outlay of INR 1,500 cr within the span of next 5 years. The Company primarily targets Kerala and other South Indian States where municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management has been a huge challenge and Governments are increasingly welcoming PPP models so as to attract latest global technologies as well as capital infusion to tackle the menace. Communication specialists from ResPublica Consulting would now work closely with JG Eco Power leadership to manage complex communication requirements the sector demands- primarily addressing governments and communities.

“Waste to Energy industry has a huge potential in India; it has to grow in parallel with the urbanization and making of the modern India. We are really glad to notice an increased interest of the governments in India to embrace PPP model in this segment, especially to bring in proven global technologies and capital infusion. We are pioneering with a project in Kochi in association with the Municipal Corporation, discussions are underway with Tamil Nadu and Karnataka for projects of much larger dimension. We believe Team ResPublica, with their proven capabilities in handling intricate communication contexts around public and community affairs, would be the right partner for us in driving our mission ahead;” says Mr. Giby George, Chief Executive Officer, GJ Eco Power Pvt. Ltd.

“Mr. George and GJ Eco Power is on a mission to cleanse our cities by addressing the much discussed MSW management issues.  All PPP models face unnecessary road blocks in our country due to the mind sets and practice despite the huge positive changes technological innovation could bring in. We would be working closely with the much acclaimed team of experts at GJ Eco Power to facilitate smooth roll out of their business plan across India;” said Ms. Raimol P. Jose, Director at ResPublica Consulting.

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