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Havas Prosumer Report 2023: Indian prosumers go frugal, want ban on advertising of fast fashion, fossil fuel, cars

Over the past century, the world shifted to an economic system in which growth is tied to consumption  Citizens have evolved into consumers, and governments rely on people's continuous spending to keep the system running. 

But what happens when the costs of that consumption-driven system become unsustainable and undesirable—and not just ecologically but also psychologically, eroding life satisfaction?

The answers to these questions and more are in the Havas 2023 Prosumer Report, which polled 12,929 people across 30 markets including Brazil, China, France, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Prosumers are today’s leading influencers and market drivers. They have been a focus of Havas's studies for two decades. Beyond their own economic impact, prosumers are important because they influence the brand choices and consumption behaviours of others. What prosumers are doing today, mainstream consumers will likely be doing 6 to 18 months from now.

The Havas report finds that, many people, across the world, are turning toward a lifestyle of more conscious consumption. There is a movement toward consuming less, focusing on minimalism, and embracing the sharing economy. 

The research finds that 79% of prosumers – and even 67% of mainstream consumers – believe that they could be happy in a more frugal world. It is even framed as an aspiration.

The top 3 key findings from India are as follows:

  • In India, 84% of prosumers believe that bigger institutions like brands & businesses, local communities, and government bodies are responsible for causing climate change.

  • The motivation to adopt a frugal lifestyle is driven by a desire for a healthier way of living (89%) and ecological concerns (70%) more than economic reasons (47%).

  • To live in a more frugal world, Indian prosumers want a ban on advertising for fossil fuel companies (51%), Big promotional events (45%), fast fashion (36%), meat (35%), aviation companies (28%) and cars (22%).

Speaking about the findings, Anirban Mozumdar, chief strategy officer, of Havas Creative India said, “As the world embraces joyful frugality, the Prosumer Report notes that Indians are ahead of the forefront of the curve. From cultural belief to an urgent need to preserve the planet in crisis, Indian prosumers want to witness the influence of their contributions and make frugal choices not for the sake of value, but for the greater good."

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