Healthcare News Review 9th March 2022: Planning health communication in the face of multiple Covid waves

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Just as the third wave is subsiding, predictions are on for the fourth wave. Add to that the uncertainty of the Russian war on Ukraine, and it's harder than ever for health communicators to ensure timely information that does not create a fearful response.

What does this mean for communicators?

1) Simplifying, curating and customising information is key. Easier said than done. We are witnessing one of the largest information campaigns in the history of earth, the sheer number of stakeholders and types of information is mind-boggling. Apple's Tim Cook famously said that all Apple devices they make can fit on one table, arguing the case for laser focus. It's the same with messaging in the time of Corona, fewer core messages , but laser focus on what to say and where to say it. 

2) A grid approach to message planning works very well using cells for sector, industry, brand, policy, economy, global for example. The intersection will throw up core messages.

3) Some of messages that could matter:

a) Overcoming of supply chain and energy cost disruptions for supply of medicine. 

b) Health  and productivity cost of uncertainty and how offices are trying to engage employees and overcome that.

c) Relevant information on inter sectoral priorities. For example, a flu shot campaign as Covid has exponentially raised awareness about vaccines.

In other key health news:

1. Mixing Covid and Covaxin doses offers better immunity, per ICMR study.

2. Debate on the IIT Kanpur June wave prediction rages on, former ICMR chief says future waves can be stopped.

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