Housing.com CEO’s resignation letter far from good PR, but it’s epic!

Founder exits are never pretty. Steve Jobs. Vikram Akola. And now we can add the name of Rahul Yadav, who gave the proverbial finger to his board members and investors in a resignation letter today. This comes on the back of public spats with Sequoia Capital partner, Shailendra Singh which included a certain 'F 'word and was leaked on Quora in March this year.

Since then, it has been a series of public rows -over its' billboards, court cases against 'Times of India' and now the resignation with swag.

So here’s what he said on tuesday this week:

"Dear board members and investors, I don’t think you guys are intellectually capable enough to have any sensible discussion anymore. This is something which I not just believe but can prove on your faces also! I had calculated long back (by taking avg life expectancy minus avg sleeping hrs) that I only have ~3L (hours) in my life. ~3L hrs are certainly not much to waste with you guys!

Hence resigning from the position of Directorship, Chairmanship and the CEO position of the company. I’m available for the next 7 days to help in the transition. Won’t give more time after that. So please be efficient in this duration.


But by the end of the day and some "healthy converstaion" and presumably a good talking to Yadav took back his resignation, even managing to sound contrite:

“After some frank and healthy discussions with the Board I have agreed to withdraw my resignation and I apologise for my unacceptable comments about the board members. I look forward to staying on at Housing as CEO and building an even greater company, while working in full harmony with the board,” said an official quote attributed to Yadav.

Phew! But if you still want some more inspiration for quitting, and the client is asking for too many front page ET stories,  here is a list of the best resignation letters. Heads up-cake figure!

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