5 top tips on writing a winning entry for the PRmoment Health Comms Awards 2022

The PRmoment Health Comms Awards have been launched to recognize excellence in healthcare, CSR, and public health communications.

With the early bird deadline fast emerging and the final deadline on 24th March 2022, here is a quick primer on how to create a winning entry.

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Tips and tricks for writing a winning award entry

Winning awards is a compelling way to attract and retain clients. Award-winning work turns heads, brings recognition to your team and draws in great people who want to work with you and for you.

Here are our top 5 tips for giving your entry the greatest possible chance of a thumbs-up from the judging panel:

  • Select the right work. Focus on topical, creative, innovative, challenging work with a big, bold idea at its heart.
  • Be honest. is the digital campaign a winner? Is it stand-out, best in class? Are you still excited enough about what you achieved to effectively communicate its brilliance? If not, why would the judges’ shortlist the entry?
  • Read the criteria. Follow the criteria. Stick to the rules. Meet the deadline. Don’t underestimate how long it takes to pull together an entry. Start early. Factor in time for client approval.
  • Create a clear, concise story. Judges have dozens of entries to review for each category. Make sure yours really spells out why it has the X-factor: don’t expect them to read between the lines.
  • State measurable business and communications objectives. Ensure the results section proves that every objective was met. Include as much evaluation data and evidence of the impact of the campaign on the client business or organisation as possible, from an increase in sales to higher levels of engagement with audiences

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There is often a feeling of mystery as to how judges score entries for industry awards. 

Here is a snapshot of what the judges are looking for.

Richa Singh, CEO and Co-Founder, Blogchatter and judge says, "The sweet spot for any health associated setup is the intersection point of credibility and empathy. Beyond numbers it is the evidence of this that makes a winning entry - how do you balance the two and evoke a result through the same."

Pooja Jethwani, account director I ESG & Social Impact Consulting at Adfactors PR and jury member says, "Campaigns that not only align with objectives, but demonstrate measurable impact in solving a key healthcare problem will definitely find a place in the spotlight; be it changing health seeking behaviours, improving access to healthcare or simplifying health related information. The proof of the pudding will lie in metrics of the campaign. The last two years have brought preventive healthcare back into focus and reminded us to go back to the fundamentals of public health. It would be interesting to see how many organizations took that lesson to heart. “

To sum up, here is the criteria that our judges use to score the entries:

The judges will be looking for clear objectives, creative and effective implementation, with tangible and demonstrable contribution by the individual or organisation.

  • They will also consider the structure, presentation, and clarity of each entry. Please consider your entry title carefully as we will use your exact wording on the trophy should you win. Concise and to the point is always best!
  • Objective- Judges will be looking for entries that clearly identify the objectives of the campaign or project.
  • Target Audience & Strategy- Judges will look at the quality of the strategy that was implemented considering the objective and target audience stated
  • Implementation & Creativity- The level of creativity employed by the individual and quality of implementation when delivering the digital campaign or project will be assessed.
  • Judges are looking for fresh, innovative thinking, best practice examples, partnership working where appropriate, and resourcefulness
  • Why your entry should win. This is your opportunity to tell the judges why you should win.

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