Ideosphere's white paper recommends outcome based pricing, says clients should hire PR firms for attitude to learning

A recently released white paper by Ideosphere Consulting seeks to uncover the new age expectations of businesses from communication, the attitudes and communication-based skills required to address future business complexities and how insight-led communication strategies can further focus on delivering a business impact.

The shape of new-age communication

Easy accessibility, quicker turnaround times and seamless omnichannel interactions matter the most now. The white paper, which analysed 150 of Ideosphere's customers says, "The major changes can be seen the fact that there is rising impatience to see outcomes, clients want to focus on solving business challenges and not only brand outcomes. 

There is also a drastic shift in the length of our brand narratives and a realization that collaboration is here to stay and we need to partner to deliver great business outcomes."

Ideosphere's white paper also points out that PR firms have been offering a brand outcome when clients increasingly want a business outcome via communication.

Recapping the major changes in client requirements-specially post-COVID-19, Ideosphere says:

Source: Ideosphere Consulting

The attitude of PR firms matters to new age enterprises

Ideosphere says, their research revealed many key pain points for business leaders. These include a lack of competency and resources within the existing agency framework and a gap in comprehension and translation of consumer-centric messaging strategies.

Ideosphere states in the white paper, "The current business scenario that we are in warrants rapid transformations, culture changes and exemplary delivery rates, and the industry is already moving in that direction. Agile is the new normal, and agencies need to be in a constant test-learn-reinvent mode."

According to Mohit Gundecha, co-founder of learning and development firm Jombay, "Today's communications teams need to think afresh and bring an inside out perspective to drive business objectives. But most of them are not there yet, they still restrict themselves to campaigns."

While digital PR offering is a given now, Aniruddha Bhagwat, CEO, Ideosphere Consulting says, "We need people who are hungry to learn. We need people who are in it for the long haul, people who take each day as a new challenge and people who are resilient enough to follow through marketing directives."

Bhagwat adds, "PR firms need resources who can multitask seamlessly, people who can ensure the servicing-content-sales funnel does not run dry and people who do fewer things but do them well. Unless and until we are able to ensure this attitudinal shift, no amount of tech integration will help drive business-based outcomes."

Main Takeaways

In conclusion, the white paper lists the following actions to take to cater to the new communications needs of clients.

For PR firms 

For PR firms it lists shifting to an outcome back and performance led pricing model, Need For Strong knowledge-based systems, collaborating with partners to build delivery strengths and building propriety communications models to solve client problems.

For clients

For clients, the white paper suggests sharing business challenges briefs with PR firms, defining the key brand and business metrics and hire PR firms for their attitude, not only competencies.

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