India set to overtake the US as number one Facebook market

India is set to take over the US as Facebook’s number one market, according to Nathan Eagle, founder and chief executive of US-based social marketing and global research firm, Jana.

Many countries have seen a reduction in the amount of people joining up to Facebook but India is not one of them.

India currently has 114.8 million Facebook users, only 30 million behind the US who has 146.8 million users.

It is reported that India adds around 36.7 million users each year, which is a massive 8 times bigger than the US’s growth rate of 5.2 million.

If these figures continue then it would suggest that India will, and at a relatively quick pace, over take the US as Facebook’s number one market.

Nathan Eagle told the 2013 Paley International Council Summit, in New York: “It will only be a matter of months before India replaces the US when it comes to being Facebook’s largest user base”.

Due to this large market, Facebook also launched its Indian operations in 2010, where now in Hyderabad there are over 500 employees working.