Indian customers expect the Government to provide stable environment, brands can play role though: WE Communications Study

WE Communication’s inaugural ‘Brands in Motion’ study, released this week show that Indian customers increasingly see a role for brands and businesses to provide a stable environment. Though the study also shows that government and family and friends followed by  the media and educators remain top influencers where stability is concerned.

Despite the rapid change facing consumers today, a high number of them believe brands are capable of providing stability in uncertain times. This was specifically seen in the data about the B2B tech sector, whereas staggering 94% of Indian consumers surveyed cited technology B2B brands specifically as having the ability to serve this role. This presents a significant engagement opportunity for brands in India.

Who is responsible for stability

Embrace your innovation story

The WE study also found that anything viewed as “cutting edge” tends to be more loved than hated, viewed as a pleasure versus a misery to do business with, and a benefit versus harm to society. Conversely, the data shows that anything viewed as being “stuck in the stone age” also has a higher chance of being “hated”, “a misery” and being viewed as doing harm to society. The research suggests that brands that can lean into their innovation story will get a lift in other areas of their business.    

Positive Climate for Tech

Additional data was gathered in India that looked specifically at consumer perceptions of the technology B2B category. 93 percent of Indian respondents said they generally love (versus hate) companies operating in this space, and 94 percent view them as cutting edge versus stuck in the stone age. 

“What we’re seeing in India is a positive climate for brands operating in the technology category,” said Carolyn Camoens, senior vice president, WE Communications India. “This gives these brands, whether local companies or global brands operating in India, a wide berth to take more risk knowing they have strong support from consumers for what they are doing.” 

India also shows a positive climate for technology progress with over half of respondents agreeing that the policies, lawmakers and regulations of this market reinforce innovation. 7 out of 10 Indian consumers surveyed also agree that technological advancement in information sharing has contributed to improvements throughout India.

Love you today, shame you tomorrow?

The study also revealed that across all markets surveyed, there is evidence of low customer loyalty, where an average of 54 percent of respondents say they “love” versus “hate” a category, yet when asked if they would “shame” or “defend” a brand in this category if they step
out of line, a staggering 98 percent would shame them. Higher than average defence of technology brands is present in India and China versus other markets surveyed.     

WE partnered with YouGov to field the Brands in Motion survey in six countries among general public and B2B decision-makers. On a smaller scale for India the study looked at consumer views on stability, purpose vs function and Tech B2B perceptions. All of the research captured key demographic data to be able to plot the results against, including generation, gender, education, income, parent/nonparent, region, employment status, marital status and race/ethnicity.  

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