Industry veteran Siddhartha Mukherjee launches management consultancy for C-suite, PR firms & corporate communication triad

In a first, Brand Balance a communications ‘ERP’ management consultancy, for The “C-Suite-PR & CorpComm industry collective”, has been launched.

In a bid to improve the deliverability of communication plans, demonstrate the impact on business and optimise the relationship between business and communication objectives, Brand Balance will offer effort, resources and processes (termed ERP), tools and insights to key communication stakeholders, including the C-suite . 

Brand Balance says it will offer the following:  

  • Multiply communications impact on brand scores and business numbers
  • Reduce dependency on conventional or big-ticket marketing budgets
  • Minimise PR effort wastage
  • Fortify client-PR firm relationship
Commenting on the launch of Brand Balance, Siddhartha Mukherjee, founder, says, “This unique service launch is about  balancing all future new normals. The C-Suite-PR & CorpComm Industry Collective will be the real protagonist which will balance business risks and business revenue. Here, the right mix of ERPs will be the real hero and play the pivotal role. So far, this area has not been looked into seriously or undervalued either due to lack of time or shortage of dedicated resources.”

Mukherjee adds, “Based on my own hands-on experience and interactions with various senior leadership over many years, I seriously believe that our Industry has wonderful leadership, talent, dedication, commitment, knowledge base and all the other necessary wherewithal, the only component that needs re-structuring or balancing are the resources & processes”, added Siddhartha Mukherjee.

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