Kaizzen launches ‘DigiKushal’ with Credibility Alliance, Rise Against Hunger India to digitally empower 2000 NPOs

To mark Gandhi Jayanti, Kaizzen, a fast rising independent PR and digital agency; in partnership with Credibility Alliance, Rise Against Hunger India is launching ‘DigiKushal’, an initiative that aims at training NPOs (Non-profit organizations) for digital transformation. 

Quoting the immortal lines of Mahatma Gandhi –“You must be the change you want to see in the world,” Vineet Handa, founder, and CEO, Kaizzen PR Services said, “DigiKushal will sensitise the NPOs on various dimensions of digital communication and marketing, the importance and urgency of learning the digital way. Kaizzen is proud to partner with Credibility Alliance and RAHI and to provide their technical prowess in this initiative."

Speaking on the initiative, Dr. Harish Vasishth, executive director, Credibility Alliance said, “NPOs have been actively involved in various interventions to provide relief, build awareness and building community resilience to cope and overcome the situation created by the pandemic. The increased use of technology has been at the forefront for NPOs, be it Income Tax, FCRA registration or quarterly disclosure or tax compliance. But the need for digital connectivity has never been more critical than during the coronavirus pandemic. We are therefore focusing on the empowerment of grassroots NPOs for digital inclusion, development impact, and sustainability.”

 Dola Mohapatra, executive director, Rise Against Hunger India said, NPOs are now forced to rethink on how they communicate about their work to the outside world. The donor and fundraising world is also changing at both institutional and individual levels, which can be harnessed effectively through digital engagement. NPOs must learn to capture and convey their impact in a reporting framework which is rapidly going digital. Digital literacy is now required for regulatory and compliance purposes. For Rise Against Hunger India, this is an important area of its work and we have entered into a partnership with a technology start-up Sync Energy to enhance technology for food security.”

This move will contribute towards the larger mandate of digital governance and transformation of the Government of India. The target is to train 2000 NPOs by the end of the second year of the project.

This will be done through a series of training and immersion programs; and will bring together NGO leaders, board members, IT and communication teams, CSR foundation communication teams, individuals interested in India’s social impact sector and IT leaders interested in NPO digitisation.

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