Karan Johar Rallies on Koo for #NayeBharatKaSapna

India’s multi-lingual social media platform - Koo - has announced an exciting campaign which encourages users to adopt an Independence Day resolution. Launched by veteran filmmaker Karan Johar, #NayeBharatKaSapna stirs local sentiments and inspires users to embrace a resolution to collectively drive change for a reimagined India.

Users on Koo can take up a resolution to #GoSwadeshi by using India-made products, #CleanTheEarth by avoiding single-use plastic, and #FightClimateChange by adopting the practice of reuse, reduce, repair and recycle. Karan Johar initiated the campaign by vowing to fight the issue of climate change by adopting habits like the recycling and reuse of products.

Post Link - Karan Johar: https://www.kooapp.com/koo/kar...

As a multi-lingual platform from India for the world, Koo - through this campaign, is empowering users to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Independent India by sharing their resolution on what they aspire to do for the country.

Starting August 1, the 15-day campaign also encourages people to salute India’s armed forces and Covid warriors, including doctors and healthcare workers, who strive each day for the welfare of society.

Commenting on the campaign, Koo’s chief business officer Sunil Kamath said, “Koo reflects the sentiment of India, while enabling digital freedom of expression for a billion voices. #NayeBharatKaSapna will steer a new journey of expression by inspiring people to adopt progressive habits. We are elated to have Karan Johar launch this campaign and are grateful to all the eminent personalities who are motivating their followers to take up social causes for a naya Bharat.”

Speaking of his commitment to #FightClimateChange, Karan Johar said, “Each one of us has a role to play in this climate change battle. I’m excited to participate in #NayeBharatKaSapna, interact with multi-lingual users on Koo and spread awareness about the issue. Let’s all join hands this Independence month and do our bit for our planet, our country and our people. Jai Hind!”

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