Ketchum Sampark & FleshmanHillard establish collaborative work model in India, brands to remain separate

NS Rajan, Ketchum Sampark global partner and managing director is retiring from the company along with co-founder Bela Rajan by mid-September. The Rajans built Sampark and then Ketchum Sampark into one of the leading financial services, corporate and crisis communication specialist firms in the country.

Esty Pujadas, partner and president, International, Ketchum told PRmoment India that,"We thank Rajan and Bela for their steadfast leadership and for building a strong and winning team at Ketchum Sampark. We look forward to celebrating their many accomplishments in the coming weeks and congratulating them on their well-earned retirement.”

In a separate statement Ketchum said,
 As Rajan and Bela transition to retirement, Ketchum Sampark and FleishmanHillard are establishing a collaborative services model in India that leverages the agencies’ individual strengths to provide clients with broader access to talent and expertise in India’s fast-changing environment."

The statement further outlined that,"While the two agencies will continue to distinctly operate under their individual brands and will continue to service their clients and the marketplace through their respective core services, FleishmanHillard and Ketchum Sampark have created a combined India management committee comprised of seasoned leaders from both brands who will work together in concert to design the next chapter of growth ahead."

A financial services specialist, Sampark sold 51% of its stake to Omnicom's Ketchum in April, 2011. Sampark was set up on August 1, 1994 in an office space lent by a client and has been one of the leading PR firms in the country with practices in technology, change management, corporate , BFSI , Auto, and Aviation.

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