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Kolkata based tea company gets great PR by news jacking Donald Trump

Just saying the name Donald Trump is enough to get you loads of PR. An Indian tea company, TE-A-ME Teas in Kolkata, made good use of some old fashioned news jacking by delivering four years’ supply of green tea to Donald Trump. The special delivery went from TE-A-ME Teas in Kolkata, India, all the way to Trump Tower, New York, last week. Amused New Yorkers witnessed the delivery as saree-clad women rolled the package through 5th Avenue.

Even as Mr. Trump inched closer to becoming the world’s most powerful man, his extreme views have elicited strong concerns around the world. In a modern take of the Gandhian principle of peaceful persuasion, TE-A-ME Teas has taken a good-humored approach to changing Trump for the better.

“We believe that green tea with all its goodness can help Mr. Trump, and in turn benefit his country and the world at large. We therefore prescribe at least three cups a day for Mr. Trump. If he needs more, we’ll be happy to provide!” says Sumit Shah, managing director of TE-A-ME Teas, tongue firmly in cheek.

The campaign to get Donald Trump to drink the tea signals a change in Indian companies, with a new breed of entrepreneurs in the country being unafraid to be bold and step into global conversations with wit.

The digital strategy for this event was planned by ARM Digital. Its co-founder, Honey Singh said, “The core execution strategy for #TeaForTrump digital campaign was real-time marketing, which turned our content into liquid content. For the first 72 hours, a team of 11 members @armdigital were working day & night to capture & engage the real-time emotions and reactions activated through #TeaForTrump across the globe. As a result of relevant and timely content targeting, publications like The Independent, Mashable, BuzzFeed and celebrity figures like Deepak Chopra organically joined the #TeaForTrump revolution on Twitter.”

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