Mahindra's #LoveForJawans is top social media campaign for Valentine's Day: Meltwater research

Patriotism is a strong emotion in India, and brands who tap into that are rewarded with consumer attention; even in the Valentine month of love and romance.

In the second story on how topics, brands and people attract engagement online, Meltwater India analyses for PRmoment which brands received the maximum engagement for their Valentine Day campaigns.

How did Meltwater track the campaigns? Brands use hashtags in the digital age to create trackable, measurable properties. When consumers use these hashtags it validates brand recall. We tracked hashtags to check the measure of the recall, interaction and reach of the campaign on Valentine's for these brands. Read on.

It's Mahindra #LoveForJawans and Anand Mahindra who rocked V Day for the brand 

Mahindra's #LoveForJawans received the top reach online, accounting for 87% of the 'Share ofVoice by Reach' between the 1st of February and the 25th of February, 2020. This was followed by Pepsi ( 10%), Inox ( cinemas) and Burger King. 

Mahindra's exposure peaked on the 14th of February. Feb 14th had the highest volume of 3k positive posts, rising 175%. 

The most impactful story during this time?  Anand Mahindra's tweet on the campaign:

Mahindra #LoveForJawans beats Pepsi's #SwagSeSolo and Burger King's #LonelyNoMore for brand traction 

Meltwater's mScore calculation based on a combination of social mentions, reach, and tonality, shows Mahindra outperformed FMCG brands such as Pepsi and Burger King with its V Day campaign around honouring our defence forces:

Mahindra was above average in both exposure and tonality for a final mScore. 

But what is interesting about the brands above, is the strong performance by Inox, on the basis of very few tweets, but a strong concept. The Inox #HonourTheCorner gained 703 thousand tweets in February. Spun around the concept of why the corner seats are a preferred cinema hall seat, the campaign gained strong traction fairly close to Pepsi which strongly promoted their high octane #SwagSeSolo campaign. Here are the top keywords for #HonourtheCorner:

Pepsi rocks it with Salman Khan

Though Inox demonstrated what a bit of clever campaigning can achieve, Pepsi's star power with Bollywood supremo Salman Khan helped drive its share of voice strongly. Here is an example of how Pepsi drove its' traction with this tweet by PVR cinemas. Moves like these helped Pepsi garner a leading 60% of the share of voice by volume as compared to Mahindra, Inox and Burger King.

Burger King trolls Mc Donald's

For Valentine's Day, Burger King returned to its old idea of trolling McDonald's for some piggyback moment marketing. Take a selfie with Ronald McDonald and get a whopper said this campaign video:

This helped the burger major gain a spot in the top 4, best-performing brand hashtags, for Valentine's day.

The usual V Day bashing

As usual, the right-wing hating on Valentine's Day dominated the negative tonality of the engagement on V Day. 

This CNN News 18 tweet on beating up of couples was among the most retweeted tweets on Valentine's Day:

Top Hashtags for Valentine's Day

Overall on topics other than love and romance, there were 6.23K mentions of Valentine's Day. And these were the top 4 brand hashtags for Valentine's Day among all the mentions:

Mahindra: #LoveForJawans

Pepsi. #SwagSeSolo

Inox : #HonourTheCorner

Burger King: #lonelyNoMore

Overall on topics other than love and romance, there were 6.23K mentions of Valentine's Day.

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