Meenu Handa quits Amazon for Google India

Meenu Handa, is set to lead the communications team for Google India  from mid-January, 2016. At Amazon India, Handa led the corporate communications function from 2013 and before that headed Microsoft India's internal and external communications as well as citizenship strategy. 

This gives Handa a decade of hard corporate experience in the tech sector on top of a 15 year agency stint at IPAN. At IPAN, she also devised a proprietary PR measurement system. As reported by PRmoment India last year, before Handa, PR at Google was handled by Paroma Roy Chowdhury, who has since joined SoftBank in May 2015. 

India is increasingly a top market for Google. On a visit to India this week, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai said that by 2016 India is likely to overtake the US with regard to the number of total active Android device users. Pichai also said that Google plans to roll out free WiFi at railway stations in India. Other Google intitiatives for India include increasing the amount of internet coverage in remote areas.  However, this project has been questioned because of possible interference with existing cellular transmissions - a charge Google has denied. 

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