Meenu Handa to move to Google Singapore from July 1st, will continue to handle India PR team

Meenu Handa, who heads corporate communications for India, is moving to Singapore from July 1st, 2018 in a larger role. According to market buzz she will handle corporate communications for South-East Asia and will also be in-charge of the PR function for India. An enquiry to Handa from PRmoment India to confirm her new role went unanswered

Handa has over 25 years of PR and corporate communications experience, she began her career with IPAN in 1990, where she devised a proprietary PR value measurement tool. During her stint at Amazon India, Handa crafted a PR measurement program for Amazon India which was used to determine the messaging outreach and evaluate the robustness of the PR program.

A former basketball player, Handa is also an avid pottery fan, creating her own pieces in her free time.

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