Meltwater launches integrated product suite for PR, marketing and communication

Meltwater has announced an update to its Fjord product that will now enable Public Relations, communications, and marketing teams to patch in analytics from any vertical.

“As we see the convergence of news and social media, we also anticipate that there will be an even greater requirement for businesses to prove the ROI of their efforts across paid, earned and owned media. Meltwater is helping to break down the silos between different departments, by enabling teams to uncover the insights that matter to them,” said Niklas de Besche, executive director of product at Meltwater.

Commenting on the launch TCA Jayant, managing director at Meltwater shared “It is a really exciting time to be a marketing and PR professional. It is more important than ever to synchronise activities across the promotion spectrum. Our clients have been giving us great feedback about the UI and the extended capabilities. Additionally with our product ‘Explore’ we have a global repository of news media content of 1.3 trillion documents currently and more than 500 million documents get added each day.”  

The  international release by Meltwater last week also said that, "As the needs of public relations, communications, and marketing departments evolve, Meltwater is advancing analytics to insights. Meltwater is bringing to market better ways to score and benchmark earned media mentions."

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