Nielsen has revealed that good customer service is the most important to Asia Pacific consumers

Good customer service is important to Asia Pacific consumers, revealed a survey conducted by Nielsen.

The global study focused on consumer loyalty, and found that out of the 60 per cent of consumers that said loyalty programs were available in the stores they shopped in – 84 per cent reported they were more likely to visit those stores.

The research also revealed the various factors within a loyalty program that were important to consumers, while also highlighting what each region classed as vital.

53 per cent of Asia-Pacific respondents classed good customer service as important, with ‘exclusive deals’ (41 per cent) and ‘special shopping hours’ (36 per cent) as significant features within the loyalty programs.

Julie Currie, Senior Vice President, Global Loyalty, Nielsen said: “In markets where loyalty programs are long established, customers tend to be savvy about copy-cat promotional offerings that don’t offer unique advantages. Particularly in developed loyalty markets, retailers and manufacturers need to work together to offer exclusive awards that cut through the clutter. New and innovative concepts, especially in the online space, that connect with how consumers want to shop are proving to be most effective.”