Nitin Mantri elected vice-president ICCO, to takeover as President in 2019

The International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) has welcomed a new leadership team. ICCO has appointed Elise Mitchell as its new president, who will be supported by new vice-president Nitin Mantri. Nitin, who is CEO and business partner at Avian Media, is the first Indian to hold this position. He will succeed Elise as president of ICCO in 2019. He continues to be the president of the ICCO Regional Board.

Elise Mitchell, who leads Mitchell Communications Group and is recognised as one of the USA’s top strategic communications and public relations professionals, has replaced Maxim Behar as President of ICCO. Elise previously held the role of vice-president of ICCO.

Nitin, who is also the president of the Public Relations Consultants Association of India (PRCAI), said: “ICCO can play a larger part in building talent, helping the associations to grow and prosper through knowledge-sharing and finally, setting global standards.”

Francis Ingham, ICCO Chief Executive, welcomed the announcement: “It is a great pleasure to welcome Elise as ICCO’s new president for the next two years; and to welcome Nitin as her successor for the years 2019-2021. ICCO is a truly international organisation, representing over 2,500 PR agencies based in 55 countries. That internationalism is reflected in its leadership, with an executive committee drawn from eight different countries. Each new president decides on their own priorities, and Elise and Nitin will be no exceptions.”

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