Pepper Interactive will allow personalised holiday calendar policy for its people

 Pepper Interactive Communications, has introduced a flexible holiday calendar for their staff.

The need for such a policy has arisen from the work cultures emulated by metropolitan hubs like Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai. While the largest three corporate metropolises of the country give their multi-cultural workforce a level platform to showcase their skills and excel in their respective fields, cultural sentiments often get left out when it comes to designated holidays exacted by state authorities. In most cases, employees are left with no choice but to apply for personal leave to enjoy a day that rightfully belongs to them.

Roshan Mohan, managing director, Pepper Interactive Communications, said, “India is a multi-cultural society with a diverse set of customs and festivals. Our team has individuals from across the country, and government calendars often do not address all regional festivals and holidays. We believe this approach gives more power in the hands of the individual to design their own festival calendar.”

He further added, “By allowing people to make that choice keeping in mind varied cultures, regions, and geographies, we are taking a small step to allow people more flexibility in determining how and when they want to spend their work and personal time.”


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