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Pitchfork Partners Strategic Consulting launches specialised talent engagement practice

Pitchfork Partners Strategic Consulting, a leading new-age communication strategy consultancy, has launched a specialised talent engagement practice. 

The practice promises to hone client capabilities to effectively communicate, build and retain trust among existing and potential talent.

Through the practice, Pitchfork Partners is offering consulting services to develop talent engagement, both internally and externally, create recruitment and retention campaigns, internal communique, as well as tactical actions meant to support the company’s overall talent objectives. It is already consulting on this front with leading brands across auto, manufacturing, technology and global capabilities centres (GCCs) for their internal and external communication as well as talent engagement initiatives.

According to Randstad Research 2022 (India), about one in three employees in the age group of 25-34 years (37%) intends to change employers in the first six months of employment. 

Building a robust talent engagement strategy can therefore be the difference between attracting top talent to the organisation or missing out on it. More employers are thus seeking to invest in their brand – in 2022, close to 60% of respondents to the People Matters Recruitment Outlook Report confirmed that they are eager to increase budgets for employer branding by more than 25%.

Pitchfork Partners aims to simplify and streamline client requirements and deploy targeted strategies to meet client objectives in widening their aspirant pool and appealing to the best candidates. 

With channels such as Google (54%) and LinkedIn (48%) leading the list of platforms used for job searches, Pitchfork, with its team of experts in communication strategy, public relations, social media, digital and internal communication, will help firms embark on a 360-degree talent approach.

“Finding and retaining the right talent is not always easy and remains a primary concern for many organisations. While traditional motivations such as pay scales and benefits are important, the current workforce seeks inclusive and impactful experiences at the workplace too. A winning strategy to make one’s firm attractive to potential and current employees is what will determine whether the employer will be successful or not,” said Pannkajj D Desai, chief operating officer, Pitchfork Partners Strategic Consulting.

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