PR employers are not showing their employees enough respect, claims consultant

Recently, a PR journalist turned PR consultant raised the issue  of how PR agencies treat their younger employees in an open Facebook post:

Kshirsagar raised several key issues in the post above. His main focus is, however, about how younger PR employees are treated.

He says, “When the client or journalist or blogger creates a stink, it is the lowest rung executives that face the brunt of the situation. What bothers me the most is that the orders of maintaining the status quo come from the top. In the profession of communication, free speech is the first victim.”

Many would argue that irate journos and clients are part of the job in PR and other professions would have similar challenges.

The point Kshirsagar is trying to make and many make privately to this reporter is that PR professionals are just not respected enough. And the younger they are, the more this happens. While respect has to be earned, what is particularly difficult about PR is that there so many pre-conceived notions.

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