PR Heroes 21: Join Shreela Roy in her effort to mobilise Covid resources

By her own admission, Genesis BCW's Shreela Roy was not much of a social media user.

But when the pandemic hit Shreela was strongly affected by the suffering of people and decided to do something about it.

Coordinating information, linking patients to plasma donors and raising money for extremely economically challenged people in the tribal region of Jharkhand.

In the current phase of the pandemic Shreela has been working with India Cares and SOS Saviours to provide crucial information about medical resources.

Despite dealing with personal loss, Shreela has carried on with her mobilisation saying, " My father gave me certain values. I am turning the hurt towards helping others and coming to their aid. This is the need of the hour."

To help Shreela in her effort tweet her and also reach out to India Cares and SOS_Saviours.

Tweet Shreela Roy, India Care, SOS_Saviours and Paarul Chand to share verified information about people who are providing Covid resources information.

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