PR Heroes 21: Read how Sunitha Simon mobilised Covid support including employment for medical staff

On any given day you will find  senior corporate communications professional Sunitha Simon, who leads corporate communications for Airtel-South India, following up and helping people with medical support and resources.

She says, "Twitter, Whatsapp and Telegram are home to my various online groups to support in people trying to find hospital beds, Oxygen, Ventilator, medicines or food for the ones isolated at home." A recent tweet from Simon got the attention of and help from KT Rama Rao, IT minister, Government of Telangana and the son of the Chief Minister of Telangana. K. Chandrashekar Rao.

Simon is a part of the Covid Task Force of Airtel which looks into medical needs of employees and their families. Simon uses her access to social media to put out the right contacts, information and news related to Covid with the aim of curtailing the spread of fake news or profiteering.

She is also currently working with a local hospital in Hyderabad to set up an emergency ward by scouting for medical professionals in her social media groups who can benefit by getting employed.

Simon strongly believes that, "We are witnessing a crime against humanity in our country. Now is the time we need to clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness and love for each other."To help Sunitha SImon with verified information or to seek her help with Covid resources tweet her @sunitha_simon.

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