PR to help engage customers as Jabra rolls out new audio products, says audio data can shape marketing campaigns

Audio products firm Jabra, owned by GN Audio, has formally entered the Indian market by acquiring a majority stake of 51 % in Innova Telecom Pvt. Ltd (Innova). The new firm is called ‘Jabra Connect’.

Saurabh Singhal, head of marketing for Asia Pacific, Jabra, told PRmoment India during the global launch of its’ call centre centric product, the Biz 1100 that, “ While we have a balanced approach to marketing communication, a large part of the customer journey with products happens through PR as customers look at the social media and influencers to make up their mind about a product.”

Jabra is also launching a dedicated e-commerce  portal that will offer rich content, enabling customers to interact with Jabra’s brand story.

Audio, Voice as brand experience

Audio data for marketing

Jabra is woking on some exciting audio solutions that could offer the next level of brand experience.

For example, Jabra in working on a prototype for energy drink maker Red Bull, well known for its’ positioning with extreme sports . This prototype audio system could potentially allow consumers to actually hear what goes in a space jump, where the wind is rushing past  at over 800 kms an hour.

Such rich data would enable brands to offer a truly immersive experience for consumer for a range of promotional activities including extreme sports.

Sharing another example of how audio data can help firms. Rajesh Ghei, CEO Jabra Connect, said that they worked with an online retail company in India to analyse the audio levels on their work floor. Their audio analysis was able to produce a ‘ heat map’ that showed audio dissonance in areas of the work floor. Using this, Ghei said, the firm was able to bring down the noise from 90 degrees to 65 degrees making for a more productive and healthy work environment.

Voice applications

Touching upon the future of voice, Singhal (pictured right) said the world is moving from ‘touching tech’ to ‘talking to tech’. Singhal added that we are looking at a future where you could just be using voice to manage daily life. For example, Amazon’s voice assistant AI, Alexa could be managed from outside the house from talking to a phone.

With the emphasis on video based communication, the world of sound could well be on it’s way to provide its own specific input to marketing and PR with rich voice and audio data.

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