PR Training courses for January to March provides high quality and convenient online training courses. Each module can be purchased individually or they can be bought as an online certificate package, as part of a career development plan.

The online training modules are 90 minute webinars that are broadcast live online in a virtual version of a face-to-face course - delegates can ask questions and receive feedback in real time, making the course a highly interactive service.

The price per module of our online training is only 3700 rupees.

A menu of our courses from January through to the end of March is shown below, just click on the course title for details about what's included in the module.


21st January 2014 - How to prepare for a presentation
23rd January 2014 - Google Adwords for PR consultants
28th January 2014 - Client Management
28th January 2014 - Developing an internal communications strategy
29th January 2014 - Introduction to public affairs
30th January 2014 - Getting to grips with grammar


5th February 2014 - How to manage your time and workload more effectively
11th February 2014 – Crisis PR in a digital world
12th February 2014 - Digital Landscape for PR
13th February 2014– Social Media Etiquette
18th February 2014 – Good Media Relations
18th February 2014 – How to create an effective podcast
19th February 2014 – Introducing PR in a Digital World
20th February 2014 – How to create an effective blog
25th February 2014 - Using LinkedIn for PR Campaigns
25th February 2014 – Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
26th February 2014 – Web Tools for PR Professionals
27th February 2014 – Making the most of Pinterest and Social Bookmarking for PR


4th March 2014 – Wikipedia: Best Practices
11th March 2014 – Twitter 101
12th March 2014 - Measuring and Evaluating PR
13th March 2014 - Understanding Search in a Social Media World
18th March 2014 - PR and Brands
18th March 2014 - Pitching to win new business
19th March 2014 - How to Grow from a Junior to a Senior Consultant
20th March 2014 - Running Political Campaigns
26th March 2014 - How does SEO work? A guide for PR practitioners
27th March 2014 - Creating and Curating Compelling Content for Social Media

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