PR veteran Sharif Rangnekar moves on from Integral PR

Sharif Rangnekar, currently chairman of Integral PR, has put in his papers on the 3rd of January, 2017,  at the firm he spent over a decade as CEO. Rangnekar who was one of the longest running non promoter CEOs at a PR firm in India, will now concentrate on projects starting April this year.

He told PRmoment India that, " I am resigning for personal reasons to concentrate on projects in the book and music space. Integral PR is being run very well by its CEO, Sujay Mehdudia. Sujay has also asked me to be a strategy consult on certain projects and I will consider them as and when they happen. Due to my long association with Integral PR, I will be happy to help out."

Rangnenkar was director at Integral PR in 2003 and took over as its CEO in 2004. He was formerly with 'The Economic Times'.

Mehdudia, a career journalist for 26 years, has been CEO of Integral PR Services Pvt. Ltd. since July 2015.

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