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PRAG under its #Right2Rest Campaign pledges to provide free PR consultation to organisations providing paid menstrual leaves

Public Relations & Advocacy Group (PRAG) will offer pro bono consultancy to firms for a year that offer paid menstrual leave to its women employees.

PRAG stated that If a company announces paid Menstrual Leaves for its female employees, it would drive its PR strategy and offer a furnished PR package. The list encompasses creating an entire branding & PR blueprint, which would align with the company's long-term ambitions. PR consultation, story ideation & prominent media coverage are other offerings in this plethora.

This is part of a larger vision for PRAG. On March 22, 2018, PRAG supported championing the cause of the Menstruation Benefits Bill, 2017, a private member bill by Ninong Erring, MP, Arunachal East. PRAG has also provided technical support in drafting the bill. The bill triggered a national movement that led to many organizations and multinational companies to implement paid menstrual leaves.

The bill did not get passed in Parliament, but we started a wave of awareness. But the number of firms offering Paid Menstrual Leaves is still very less.

So, until the government addresses #Right2Rest as law, we're here to do everything that it takes to empower the cause, and offering free PR consultation is a step in the direction of encouraging more & more organizations to become a part of our journey, provide paid Menstrual Leave and truly empower their female employees.

Today the support for paid menstrual leave at the workplace has gained global recognition and acceptance. For instance, South Korea granted ML in 2001, and in 2016, China also granted female workers the right to take two days off every month. Although there is no sign of a global movement on the issue, said Gaurav Gautam, founder & CEO, of PRAG."

He further added, “This issue is worthy of global recognition which hasn't happened yet. We, as the first champion of paid menstrual leave, envision taking our campaign #Right2Rest beyond national boundaries and making it a global campaign."

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