Prasidha Menon is Uber’s head of communcations for India and South Asia

Prasidha Menon has taken over as head of communications at Uber for India and South Asia, starting October 1st, 2017. Menon, who joined Uber India as product PR lead 15 months ago, was acting head of PR  for 4 months before being confirmed for the top spot. Menon reports to Amy Kunrojpanya, Uber APAC's director of public policy and communications.

In her new role, Menon who will be based in Gurgaon, has taken charge of the communications mandate for the brand in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, and joined the leadership team at Uber.

Prasidha Menon strongly advocates for women in tech and PR industry. She believes that as communicators one should always be open to challenges and learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. She has also devised pre-emptive crisis and issue management strategies for several brands.

At 34, Menon is one of the youngest corporate communications leads in the country along with PAYTM's Sonia Dhawan and Policy Bazaar's Aman Dhall. Menon previously spent 6 years at Edelman India including a stint at   Edelman Digital in San Francisco, where she moved as a part Edelman’s  Daniel J. Edelman Global Fellows Program. During the fifteen months fellowship, Menon worked on the communications for the split strategy for HP, currently two separate companies, HP Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

Uber India has had it's challenges maintaining PR leads. In 2015, Chavvi Leekha stayed as head PR for less than 3 months. The company then did not have a PR lead till Mahapatra took charge in July 2016, who subsequently quit in January this year to join Nissan India. 

Uber is currently in the news over a proposed multi-billion investment by SoftBank.

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