PRCAI launches plastic pollution awareness drive at annual cricket meet

PRCAI, has found a fun and engaging way to create awareness about a serious environment issue, plastic. The PR industry association, as it marks its 18th year of operation in India, is now partnering with Volunteer4India to create awareness about the use of plastic in India.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, announced that single use plastic will be phased out in India by 2022. The announcement, though many had expected an immediate ban on single use plastic, has revitalised the campaign; especially among India's corporate sector.

PRCAI chose its 4th annual cricket inter consultancy tournament as the venue for spreading the message about plastic pollution:

Anti plastic pollution slogans using cricketing metaphors helped cricket enthusiasts at the event connect with the issue:

Here is a glimpse of the anti-plastic action at the cricket tournament:

The finals of the cricket tournament take place December 14th, 2019. Follow the action and live scores here to support your favourite team!

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