Prmoment India launches Pathfinders 10 for '21 with Kaizzen, to showcase emerging corporate communication leaders on the future of PR

Covid-19 has completely changed the future of communication and has brought in opportunities for growth last seen in the wake of economic liberalisation in the early '90s. 

In order to record the evolving shape of corporate communications post 2020, PRmoment India along with Kaizzen presents Pathfinders 10 for 2021 where 10 emerging corporate communications leaders will share their blueprint on the path head for the PR and communications sector in India.

Starting this week, this column will be carried for the next five months as part of Season 1 of the series. 

Vineet Handa, CEO-founder, Kaizzen commented on the partnership with PRmoment saying, "The emerging line of corporate communications leaders are at the forefront of dealing with the opportunities and challenges of post Covid-19 communications. There is high demand for communicators to navigate the nuanced external outreach required by brands today. Pathfinders 10 is a platform to record these changes and get a blueprint for the future of PR that balances the benefits of traditional PR with skills that meet the demands of new PR."

Opinion pieces from Season 1 of Pathfinders will be compiled into a printed compendium and will be available free of charge for communicators as a reference point of view. 

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