PRmoment Resilient Leadership podcast: Atul Sharma, MD Ruder Finn India and President on how he stays resilient at work

Never has resilience been more under focus as post-pandemic. To understand from the PR leadership how they are dealing with the challenges and opportunities of work in this unique time, PRmoment introduces the Resilient Leadership Podcast.

We kick off with an interview with Atul Sharma, MD and VP, Ruder Finn India and President PRCAI. He talks about the benefits of working from home in staying sane, what resilience means to him and how he organises his day. The answers may surprise you!

Listen in.

Here is a summary of the conversation:

2: 47: Keeping on top of Information flow.

4.12: How to prioritise tasks for minimum stress.

5:22: Organise your work thought wise not task wise.

8.00: Planning a leader's calendar.

11: 34: Is Resilience Scary?

15: 03: Can you institutionalise resilience?

17: 29: Can leaders be error free?

20:00: Journey from hill town boy to President, PRCAI.

21:48: A leader's go to person

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