Reliance Games appoints LinOpinion|GH as its PR agency

Reliance Games has recently announced the appointment of LinOpinion|GH for their PR mandate.

The brief set for LinOpinion|GH is to conceptualise and implement the best communications strategy to maximise visibility for Reliance Games and its offerings in the mobile gaming space in India.

Reliance Games, the mobile gaming division of Reliance Entertainment Digital, have created games such as Real Steel, Hunger Games, Total Recall and Pacific Rim.

Roopak Nair, head of marketing, Reliance Entertainment Digital said, “LinOpinion|GH brings an eclectic mix of creativity and passion for gaming and we are excited about embarking on this new journey”.

Kavita Lakhani, President, LinOpinion|GH said, “India has a booming mobile gaming industry and the majority of its population is below 25 years. Reliance Games’ key objective is to discover the best young Indian talent from metros and mini metros, to provide them with a global platform to showcase their game creativity and development prowess. The PR campaign will focus on helping build salience and connect with young Indian game developers and consumers through unconventional and innovative PR ideas”.

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